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Game Design

New for September 2024

Fancy a slice of a £7 billion industry? Gaming is big business in the UK and our Level 3 Game Design course is designed to get you involved.

Do you wait up till 3am for DLC on Final Fantasy XVI? Do you spend hours hunting for data packs on Steam? Are mixins your favourite part of Minecraft? Then it’s time to build a game from the ground up.

What is Game Design

Game design sits under the broader field of video game development and refers to the use of creativity and design to develop a game for entertainment or educational purposes. It involves creating compelling stories, characters, goals, rules, and challenges that drive interactions with other characters, users, or objects.

Game design is an exciting, rewarding, and multi-faceted field with promising job prospects. However, becoming a game designer can be a challenging journey. Passion, patience, and persistence are essential!

Facilities and Resources

  • State of the art gaming lab for September 2024
  • Top spec gaming PCs
  • Advanced technology
  • Top spec hardware and networking labs
  • Expert tutors
  • Industry speakers and events


As part of this course you will gain employability skills in the following areas –

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills:
  • Technical Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Marketing and Business Acumen:

Why study a Game Design course?

A qualification in Game Design can help you if you want to work in a future-focused industry that never stays still. Gaming is one of the UK’s fastest growing and most lucrative industries, an Game Design course covers game processes, technical and coding skills, audio production, VFX, design and research, character diversity, and player engagement.


You’ll learn in our state of the art top spec hardware and networking labs.


Berkshire digital tech is one of the strongest sectors and is only set to get bigger, with many local employers such as Vodafone, NHS, Visa, Microsoft, O2 and CA Technologies.

Experienced Teachers

Our experienced staff will be there to teach you career-ready transferrable skills, preparing you for life after college


Gain skills which are easily transferable across the digitial sector giving you many careers options

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Success stories

“I have enjoyed learning how to develop a website and databases, it’s fun to do practical technology with my classmates”

Level 3 Extended Diploma in ICT

I’ll miss the tutors the most, they’ve guided me and have given me all the tools to be able to accomplish my goals and be ready to face the real world

Level 3 Extended Diploma in ICT