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English and Maths

Did you leave school without your English and maths qualifications? We offer functional skills and GCSEs which may be required for employment or higher level study.

Why study an English and maths course?

1 in 6 adults find not having their maths and English qualification holds them back in their careers and day to day life.


Feel more confident in day to day interactions and in the work environment.

Higher Education

Having these qualifications will support your application for a higher education course.


These qualifications can improve your chance of getting employment or a promotion.


Feeling more comfortable with English and maths can give an increased sense of wellbeing.

Free Courses

Most of our English and maths qualifications are FREE, meaning your only investment is your time. These courses also have flexible start times and can be studied online or face to face (or a blend of both).

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions about any aspect of college life such as course selection, application process, support, open days, contact us using these buttons.