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Motor Vehicle Interview Process

All levels

Our courses are for learners who wish to develop a career in the automotive maintenance and repair industry or individuals who want the opportunity to develop occupational knowledge and skills to carry out automotive practical tasks. Each level is 1 year, 18 teaching hours a week spread over 3 days a week. English and Maths will be built into your course if your grades are below, in addition to Industry Placement.

The tutor will ask you what made you apply for the course, your interests, and any experience.  They may also discuss your current school situation and predicted GCSE results. Finally, your aspirations for the future and how you are as an individual will also be discussed. A member of the ALS team may also be present to discuss any learning support needs.

Just bring yourself! Please be on time, dressed smart and ready for your interview. Be yourself!

Your interview will be face to face.

Full commitment to attendance is required, as the ability to work independently and as part of a team. You should have a strong desire to work in the motor vehicle industry, abide by the college ethos and be prepared to improve your level of knowledge of academic subjects. As in the workplace, appropriate PPE will be required, such as steel cap safety boots and overalls, as well purchase a locker and Motor Vehicle Workbook which you can buy directly from the college at a discounted price.  You will be provided with a full list of the protective equipment requirements of the course before you start. Your course will also include enrichment opportunities e.g. Guest speakers and trips.

If you wish to make any amendments to your interview, please log back into your Student Portal, and choose ‘rearrange’ and select and alternative date and time.