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Health Care Interview Process

Level 3 T-Level in Health

This qualification is suitable for post-16 learners looking to develop both knowledge and practical skills in the health sector. The T Level Qualification in Health is a two years approved Technical Qualification (TQ) course.  It is a Level 3 Qualification.  The programme is aimed at preparing young people for work, higher level apprenticeships or higher education (HE).

Please expect conversations around your aspirations/career choice, as well as discussions around  predicted GCSE grades. We will also discuss needs/abilities/any medical considerations in conjunction with the course requirement. There will be an overview of course and learners expectations to secure industry placement for the first year. Finally, you have an opportunity to ask questions. A member of the ALS team may also be present to discuss any learning support needs.

It would be a good idea to research the course and jobs in the healthcare sector.

Your interview will be face to face.

All students are expected to do the First Aid course and Manual Handling training. There will be an opportunity to use various equipment as expected in the health industry. Learners are also expected to conduct an industry placement.

If you wish to make any amendments to your interview, please log back into your Student Portal, and choose ‘rearrange’ and select and alternative date and time.