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Game Design Interview Process

Level 3 Game Design

This course introduces the games industry, combining streaming, programming and hardware practicals.  The  course is aimed at learners with a passion for the creative side of computing. This course is for those that want hands-on experience with new gaming technologies and prefer assessment through  coursework.


Interviews are 15 minutes long and we will ask you about your interest in the subject and your interests outside of education. We will also outline the course plan and entry requirements. A member of the ALS team may also be present to discuss any learning support needs.

A portfolio (images on your phone are ok) of artwork or games design/creation would be advantageous. If you have an EHCP, you will also be met by the ALS (Additional Learning Support ) Team to assess your needs.

Your interview will be face to face.

If you wish to make any amendments to your interview, please log back into your Student Portal, and choose ‘rearrange’ and select and alternative date and time.