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Gateway Qualification Entry 2 Certificate in Enterprise


Course Overview

The course has been designed to promote the progressive development of learners’ Personal Development and Skills for Enterprise as well as promoting the development of wider skills and behaviours, which learners require to become active and model citizens in modern Britain.

Using a range of initial and diagnostic assessment information, the course content has been designed and structured to facilitate the progressive development of learners in employability, communication and independent living skills, through a range of differentiated learning activities which focus on personalised learning approaches so that all learners, regardless of ability, make sustained progress over time.

The focus of the curriculum offer is to develop and enhance our learners’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours so that they become active and model citizens who can prosper in society.

Units Covered

The course itself is made up of specific units covering:

• Handling Money in a Sales Situation
• Running an Enterprise Activity
• Purpose of Enterprise
• Digital Skills for Work
• Speaking up for Yourself (RARPA)
• Working Safely
• Roles and Responsibilities in Business Enterprise
• Selling Skills

Course Code


End Date

Sat, 05 Jul 2025

Entry Requirements

Students must be working at FS Entry 1 or above for English and Maths and can be independent on campus.

Course information

1 Year

Assessment is ongoing it is based on assignments, observation and 1:1 working with students to assess progress and learning.

Suitability for the programme will be assessed on an individual basis at interview and during the first six weeks for the programme.

1 Year

A non-accredited or accredited Entry Level 3 Foundation programme

A non-accredited or accredited Entry Level 3 Foundation programme