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G3 Domestic Vented and Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems


Course Overview

This course aims to help plumbers and heating engineers who want to install Vented and Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems to comply with the appropriate Building Regulations and Standards. The design, installation and maintenance of Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems is work that can be carried out by competent plumbing operatives and heating engineers who already have a knowledge of hot and cold water systems and central heating systems.

The course price quoted (above) includes assessment and certification and is VAT exempt.

This course will be delivered on the following dates:
Monday 1st July 2024

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Course Fee
Start Time


End Time


Entry Requirements

1. Have a number of years’ experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

2. Hold a formal craft qualification, at Level 2 or Level 3.


Course information

1. Understand the requirements of Part G of the Building Regulations relating to the design, installation and service and maintenance of Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems and how to comply with the Regulations paying particular attention to unvented cylinders.
2. Identify typical faults associated with the installation / maintenance of Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems.
3. Understand the impact of other Building Regulations as they relate to the design, installation and service and maintenance of hot water storage systems, in particular Part L1 and Part P.
4. Complete assessments to confirm candidate’s competence in the above aims.
The very comprehensive course starts with intensive training in the four modules, followed by the completion of three assessments including one practical. Candidates must successfully pass all three assessments to gain the BPEC Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems certificate and competency card.

1 Day

Assessment (2.5 hours)
The assessments for the training course consists of a multi-choice question paper and a short written answer paper and a practical assessment job sheet. The time allocated to each and the pass rates are as follows:
– Multi-choice question Paper 1: 1 hour 20 minutes 100% pass rate
– Written Answer Paper 2: 30 minutes 100% pass rate
– Practical Assessment Paper 3: 40 minutes 100% pass rate

Level 3 Award in the installation and maintenance of Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems.