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Entry 3 Diploma in Motor Vehicle


Course Overview

This is a practical, hands-on course that allows students to develop basic skills in key areas of Automotive Maintenance and Repair. Lessons will take place in the classroom as well as our fully equipped motor vehicle workshops. You will learn how a modern motor vehicle works, develop hand skills, engineering methods and use of automotive equipment ready for the working environment.

This course will provide you with an introduction to the following areas:

• Automotive foundation skills.
• Industry expectation for Health and Safety.
• Engine systems.
• Chassis systems (Brakes, suspension, steering and wheels/tyres).
• Transmissions and drivelines.
• Electrical components.
• Employability skills.

Course Code


End Date

Fri, 27 Jun 2025

Entry Requirements

This 1 year course requires students to demonstrate a clear interest in motor vehicle servicing and maintenance. Students also need to want to improve t...

Course information

E3AMR01: Introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace

E3AMR02: Introduction to Common Tools and Equipment for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

E3AMR03: Introduction to Engine Components and Operation

E3AMR04: Introduction to Lubrication System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR05: Introduction to Engine Cooling System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR06: Introduction to Spark Ignition System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR07: Introduction to Spark Ignition Fuel System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR09: Introduction to Exhaust System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR10: Introduction to Steering System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR11: Introduction to Suspension System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR12: Introduction to Braking System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR13: Introduction to Wheel and Tyre Construction and Maintenance

E3AMR14: Introduction to Transmission System Components and Maintenance

E3AMR15: Introduction to Vehicle Lighting System Components and Maintenance

Full year.

A combination of Tutor led demonstrations, student participation & practice, theory delivery and commercial salonworkshop that will led on to formative & summative assessments.

Students on this course will complete workshop based practical assessments and knowledge-based questions. This course also includes one online exam. Langley College use the Institute of Motor industries (IMI), allowing students to use E-portfolio to complete their formal work and track their progress. On successful completion of this course, students will achieve an IMI Entry Level 3 Diploma for The Introduction to Motor Vehicle Industry and Technologies.

Entry Level IMI Diploma Introduction to Automotive Maintenance and Repair (Entry 3)

Introduction to Motor Vehicle, Workshop Health and Safety and Legislation

Learners can typically progress to a higher level of learning such as a Level 1 Diploma and also supplement their progress to GCSEs and other appropriate destinations, such as apprenticeships and employment.

Entry level

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