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Energy Efficiency (Part L)


Course Overview

This course has been designed to provide candidates with guidance on how to meet the requirements of the current Approved Document L, Volume 1, when carrying out work in new and existing dwellings. It also provides guidance on how to comply with Part L of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations and the energy efficiency requirements for dwellings.

Upon successful completion of this course, plumbers, heating installers and gas engineers will be able to self-certificate their work via one of the Competent Persons Schemes (CPS).

The price includes assessment & certification & is VAT exempt.
This course will be available on the following dates:
14 October 2024 – 15 October 2024

This course will allow you to build on your theoretical and practical understanding of these regulations, to ensure consumer safety as well as your legal compliance. It has been approved by the Energy Savings Trust and the Heating and Hot Water Information Council.

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Entry Requirements

Applicants should be experienced installers of gas, oil, or solid fuel domestic central heating systems.

Course information

– Technical knowledge, some simple calculations for heat loss and radiator sizing
– A trend towards altering the types of system to be installed
– More attention to boiler output – a lower flow temperature
– More controls and the possibility of larger heat emitters
– Increased insulation of pipework
– More evidence and recording of system sizing, which must be done accurately
– Photographing insulation to evidence compliance
– More general system information to be left with the customer

1 Day

The assessment is an open book exam, candidates can attempt to answer the questions by referring to their notes or textbooks. The assessment consists of 37 multiple choice questions 1, including a radiator worksheet to be completed for question 37.