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Langley College Level 1 Learners Shine with Chef Marcilio Silva

News overview

In an exciting culinary venture, Langley College’s Level 1 Hospitality and Catering learners recently participated in The Chefs’ Forum masterclass led by acclaimed chef Marcilio Silva. The session unfolded with students immersing themselves in the creation of a delightful beef stew paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

Under Marcilio Silva’s expert guidance, the students actively engaged in every step of the cooking process, from selecting premium cuts of meat to mastering the art of seasoning. This hands-on experience not only provided valuable insights into the world of hospitality and catering but also equipped the learners with essential culinary skills.

Marcilio Silva expressed his delight at the learners’ enthusiasm and curiosity, commending their eagerness to embrace new challenges in the kitchen. The students’ openness to experimentation made the masterclass a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the chef, showcasing Langley College’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for its aspiring chefs. As the Level 1 learners departed, they carried with them not only enhanced culinary expertise but also a newfound confidence to explore and experiment in the diverse realm of the culinary arts.

Posted February 28, 2023